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Of of all the venues where art and design was presented during DesignMarch, Skúrinn (The Shed) impressed me the most. This was probably my most memorable visit (apart from The Long Moment photographic exhibition at The Nordic House, see below). I was so impressed with Skúrinn that I left only to return back with two friends without telling them where we were going or what to expect. They were equally impressed and surprised to find this unusual showroom, planted between two houses in one of the nicest residential area in Reykjavik, where apartments usually come with quite a hefty price tag. Not only that, in this rusty, crooked and tiny, tiny shed, barely spacious enough to fit the artist representing his work there plus one visitor at a time, I took probably the most photographs. I just kept seeing images all over the place and still feel I left without taking enough! 
Erling Johannesson is a goldsmith and an actor/director who has worked in theaters, in movies and on TV and the radio, acting and directing plays on RÚV, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. During my first visit to Skúrinn, while I was chatting away to Erling, a small radio, perched up on a shelf, was tuned to RÚV, where a play was being broadcast, humming in the background while we chatted, which I thought was a rather perfect timing. 
Erling´s jewelry collection which I loved, consists of silver jewelry, largely inspired by fish skeletons, which seem to be a source of inspiration to more Icelandic designers these days, such as Kría, another collection of jewelry which I´ve blogged about before and also really like, and product designer Róshildur Jónsdóttir,  who has created Something Fishy, a fishbone model-making kit. 
Unfortunately, not everyone can see the beauty in things, people or places that are perhaps not 100% perfect, and so, after repeated complaints from someone living close to Skúrinn, it was, as Erling had told me would happen, transported by truck, on to new adventures almost the minute after DesignMarch was officially over. I might follow up on that story because I know for a fact that one of Skúrinn´s future role in a new destination spot is rather interesting to say the least. Stay tuned!

Sorry for the blurry image but I just HAD to include the "dining room" area of Skúrinn. 


Love Warriors

It is perhaps appropriate, on this day dedicated to lovers, to introduce you to the Love Warriors, a Swedish team of incredibly creative talents.

All images © hannah lemholt | love warriors
Found via Sam over at Love Nordic



Taking a stroll on a black, sandy beach in Iceland in 2006, Icelandic jewelry designer Johanna Methusalemsdottir came across the white bones of an Arctic Tern, lying in the sand. Intrigued by the shapes of the bones, Johanna took them home to play with. The result is her successful Kria collection, a set of mystical, slightly macabre line of jewelry. The collection consists of bronze, black oxidized silver and 14 carat gold amulets cast from the jawbone of fish and birds vertebrae etc. Cod bones are the main inspiration for Kria´s upcoming collection, which will be available in selected stores in New York, Iceland and Norway. 


Great idea

Found via Design Shimmer.


Rock chick jewelry

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Gudbjörg Ingvarsdottir has been making exquisite jewelry under the name Aurum since 1999. Flowers and elements found in Icelandic nature, are frequently the inspiration for the delicate jewelry with each line of jewelry bearing a different Icelandic female name such as Hekla, Alda, Svala and Gerdur! The Aurum jewelry is beautifully feminine, often with irregular forms which give them a fresh and modern look. 

Aurum´s latest collection, see below, is called Drífa and the inspiration for the collection are the amazing forms of frozen snow crystals.
Recently, Gudbjorg has worked with Finnish design team Elinno, designing tableware made of fine bone china. For DesignMarch, Gudbjörg´s shop Aurum, located in the center of Reykjavik, hosted a tea party where the china was presented with models sipping tea and nibbling on small cakes in the shop window. Aurum not only sells the Aurum jewelry and china. At Aurum you´ll also find products from Design House Stockholm,  Donna Wilson and Ibride


Haf by Hafsteinn Júlíusson

Hafsteinn Júlíusson has featured here on Koolandkreativ before, in fact, my very first entry (apart from the introductory one) was about his Growing Jewelry collection, a set of jewelry which combines jewelry and gardening in a fun and innovative way. The jewelry contain Icelandic moss which needs to be taken care of by frequent watering and trimming.

Image found via Kingdom of Style

During DesignMarch, design studio HAF by Hafsteinn Júlíusson is presenting its first collection at GK, a fashion store here in Reykjavik. Guests can munch on these very colorful Slim Chips, made of edible paper, organically colored and flavored with mint, wasabi, cheddar and blueberry. Yummi;)

More on Hafsteinn and his work, here.


Hafsteinn Juliusson

Hafsteinn Juliusson is a young icelandic product designer who has found a fun and innovative way to mix gardening with jewelry. The ideal bling for homo urbanus.