Steinunn Sigurðardóttir is probably one of our most successful fashion designers ever. After working as Senior designer for Calvin Klein and Gucci and Design Director for La Perla, Steinunn has been working on her own brand since 2000. Steinunn has given lectures on fashion, design and creativity all over the world, curated large exhibitions in Iceland, Shanghai and Paris and received countless awards and honors. And deservedly so. Her clothes are pieces of art, beautifully made and the attention to detail and choice of fabric pure perfection. I´ve attended one of her lectures, given in 2009, when one of the largest art museums in Reykjavik ran a large private exhibitions of Steinunn´s work. I believe it´s the first and only time an Icelandic fashion designer has been given that honor. In the lecture, Steinunn showed us photographs of details in the Icelandic landscape, be it lava, moss, ice or wild plants and then photographs featuring her clothes and how the Icelandic landscape had weaved itself into the clothes. 

Steinunn´s workshop is located by the old harbor in Reykjavík, an area up until recently almost exclusively reserved for the rather uninspiring fishing industry. Today, the area around the harbour is rapidly turning into a melting pot of creativity, with interesting restaurants, cafés, bars, delicatessens and designer studios opening up in the old fishermen´s huts lining one of the main roads. Steinunn´s studio is located in one of these old fishermen´s huts which I got to visit for the first time last DesignMarch and again during this year´s DesignMarch. The interior shots are taken last year when I very happily Instagrammed left, right and center, wherever I went. 

Interior shots, yours truly. 

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