DesignMarch 2014 and I´m back!

It´s been a year since my last blog post and I´m sure many of you thought I would not be back at all. But here I am again (I ALWAYS bounce back!) and we are back at DesignMarch in Iceland, this time DesignMarch 2014 instead of 2013 (sorry, no more posts about DesignMarch 2013). 
The year has been pretty eventful, lots of drama and challenges which, while pretty exhausting and daunting, are also good for you because challenges do have the tendency to toughen you up and make you grow in all the right directions. But, I´ll leave all that for my biography, Koolandkreativ is about fun things, beautiful things, inspiring things. 

Am just back from hopping between events and dining out with some of my favorite people, its been a fun night. Today I had the opportunity to visit the studio and show room of  Íglo & Indí, a really cool children´s clothing label. I love their color palette (I´m not really the baby pink or baby blue type of person), the cute details and in particular the illustrations used to decorate the clothes. If I had children, I would dress them like this. 

Head of design: Helga Ólafs
Photographer: Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir
Props and brochure design: Karitas Pálsdóttir


Katri Tauriainen said...

Flott hjá þer gaman að fá Koolandkreativ aftur
kv Katri

Samantha said...

Gia so nice to have you back!!! xxx