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The latest issue of Home and Delicious is out, just in time for DesignMarch 2013, a week in March dedicated to Icelandic design which is, by the way, practically blooming these days, more of which a bit later. In this issue of Home and Delicious you will find a selection of Icelandic design and interviews with Icelandic designers such as Olga and Elisabet at Volki and Stefan Petur; interview with Emma Fexeus the creator of the hugely popular Emmas Designblogg, the Australian stylist extraordinaire Sibella Court plus an interview with Samantha Denisdottir of Lovenordic and Story North, one of the nicest person I´ve ever "met" online. Hope you enjoy the latest issue of Home and Delicious, my focus in the next few days will be on enjoying and introducing you to Icelandic design at its best. 

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Caroline @trend-daily said...

Oh Gerdur-thanks for the tip-I'm going to add them to. My blogroll and check out the issue now. Look forward to your next design posts :-)