Ylfa Skarp

I´m sure many of you have seen the works of Swedish calligrapher and designer Ylfa Skarp on numerous blogs lately, her prints in particular, have been extremely popular with bloggers. Ylfa´s home in Hjortnäs, Sweden, which she shares with husband Daniel, their two children and 2 cats, (not to mention the 4 hens and a rooster living separately on the property), has been featured in a magazine and on blogs before. This time however, we get a change to see the house, all dressed up and ready for Christmas. The house, built in 1901, served as a school up until the 1940´s and when Daniel and Ylfa bought it, it didn´t look anything like it does today. Despite being dark and gloomy with bits and pieces falling off, Ylfa and Daniel saw the huge potentials the house had and after massive renovations which took months to finish, the house has now been transformed into a warm and inviting family home, decorated in the neutral color palette of grays, whites and browns so popular in Scandinavia these days. Examples of Ylfa´s work are found on walls, textiles, ceramics and even floors. 

Photographer Magdalena Björnsdotter 

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