You´ve got to love Ikea. Since 1943, when it was founded at Ingvar Kamprad´s uncle Ernst´s kitchen table, business has been blooming and I think it is safe to say that Ikea products are to be found in practically every, single home throughout Scandinavia. If not all over the world, for Ikea stores can be found in such far flung places as China and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Although it can sometimes be a little infuriating for an impatient and at times clumsy person like myself assembling their products together, Ikea gets top marks for bringing us an endless stream of well designed things for the home at an affordable price. Ikea´s team of talented stylists deserve Kudos for their excellent work, but both the yearly Ikea catalogues and particularly the images found on Ikea´s inspiring website, Livet Hemma, are expertly styled. At Livet Hemma, Ikea products and things of unknown origins, beautifully blend together in inspiring images. Here are few of my favorite images from Ikea´s Livet hemma

All images are from the Livet Hemma

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