Christmas decorations from Caroline Swift

I´m a huge fan of ceramist Caroline Swift and am the proud owner of couple of items which she has made. Her work is incredibly delicate and fragile, almost transparent and totally beautiful. Originally Caroline studied industrial design, majoring in textiles, but after almost 20 years designing knitwear for the likes of Benetton, where she worked as the head of knitwear design, Caroline made a U-turn in her career. While working on a food book, developing ideas and concepts, Caroline struggled to find the right plates to use for the images in the book. And there and then, Caroline started her hugely successful career as a ceramist making her own plates for the book. Today Caroline lives and works in Barcelona. These Christmas decorations are some of her latest work coming from her workshop in Barcelona, each and every piece hand made by Caroline herself. Caroline´s work is available through Story North.

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