Icelandic design

A recent project for a Bridal magazine in Iceland. The idea was to give examples of Icelandic design that would be the perfect bridal gift. 

From left to right: Fuzzy, a stool designed by Sigurdur Már Helgason in 1972. Unfortunately, it´s been  heavily copied recently and the copy, not the original, was recently featured in my favorite magazine Rum. Shame. 
I could eat a horse, is a spagetty measuring tool, designed by Stefan Petur Solveigarson.
A vase, the work of Thora Finnsdottir, an Icelandic ceramist, living and working in Copenhagen. 
An owl made of wood by Vignir Kristinsson.
A ceramic cake stand by Aslaug Höskuldsdottir.
The Clay Pot is the product resulting from the collaboration of design team Bordid and Sigridur Erla Gudmundsdottir ceramist of Leir 7. The pot is made from Icelandic clay, beautifully decorated with motives from Icelandic nature. The pot is ideal for making stews out of tender Icelandic lamb. 
A gray pillow made from Icelandic sheep, the work of Feldur which also produce some lovely clothes and accessories from fur and hide.
The book lying on top of the pillow is this one, from Crymogea, a publishing house of exceptionally beautiful books on art and photography. 
A wool trivet from design team Rolla. 
I´ve mentioned the coat hanger Willow from design team FaerID before. One of my favorite Icelandic design. 
Porcelain cups from artist Sveinbjorg Hallgrimsdottir.
A thick and warm wool throw by designer Hugrun Ivarsdottir

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allesistgut said...

I am two weeks back from Iceland. And I can tell you I fall in love with Iceland. Unique landscape, great food, nice people, excellent design. Unfortunately you can't take all the things with you when you have to flight back.
Have a nice weekend.