Photographers Lönngren/Widell

Few images from the portfolio of Amelia Lönngren Widell and Andreas Lönngren Widell, see more here


House Doctor

So many pretty things and inspirations in the latest House Doctor catalogue. 


Yiqing Yin Couture Collection Fall 2011

Utterly exquisite, these literally took my breath away. Found via Iiinspired

Great idea

Found via Design Shimmer.

Swing it

Love this!

Thora Finnsdottir ceramist

I´ve been meaning to post an entry on ceramist Thora Finnsdottir Söe for ages, ever since I first saw examples of her work in a Danish magazine ages ago. Thora is Icelandic but studied at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen were she currently lives and works on her art. Thora´s handmade ceramic pieces have strong roots in the design traditions of Scandinavia, as well as being inspired by her home country Iceland. Everyday colors and forms inspire Thora who through experimentations, adds her own personal touch to these otherwise everyday items, giving them a new expression. 



I love this coat hanger from Faer ID, an Icelandic design team I´ve blogged about before, see here. Willow is their latest product, first introduced at the One Year On design exhibition in London last month. Willow is available through their website.  

Merci beaucoup

One of my first entries when I started the blog back in 2009, was dedicated to the interior/lifestyle store Merci in Paris. I still haven´t been able to visit but have friends who have, and absolutely rave about it. Here are some more images from Merci, found via Vosges Paris. 

A house in Spain

I haven´t had much of a change to get away from the city this summer and am by now, dreaming constantly of few days of pampering and relaxation, preferably somewhere by the sea. This beautiful house in Spain looks ideal to me, in particular the breathtaking view of the ocean. Bliss....

Images from Vart nya hem. Found via Design Shimmer.


Great reminder

This is the #1 rule that drives me:)  Found via Yellowtrace. 

Photographer Nicolas Mathéus

Selection of inspirational images, from the portfolio of Paris-based photographer, Nicolas Mathéus