Color me happy!

Strong color palette, vintage finds, Alvar Aalto and Marimekko mix happily in this beautiful home in Finland. 

Photography and concept by Riikka Kantinkoski and Mirja Karjula of Roadtrip in Finland.


Fabien Barral graphic designer

In December last year, I came across this calender that I reaaaally liked. Have to admit, I didn´t give myself time to dig a bit further into the designer behind it but then, last month, a friend pointed out this website to me, saying this would definitely be something for me. Again, I didn´t have time to look further into it but saw that it looked familiar somehow, (I do sound quite busy, don´t I ?), and bookmarked it right away, so I could have a better look a bit later. When I did, I of course, absolutely loved it (my friend knows my tastes quite well). Apparently Fabien and I like each other, because when I was leisurely browsing through the Interior category, I came across a very nice entry about Koolandkreativ. Merci beaucoup, Fabien;)
And yes, I absolutely ADORE (spoken with a French accent) everything I see coming from this very talented graphic designer, Fabien Barral. Here are some examples of his incredibly talents.

Fabien and his wife Frédérique, have made a collection of the most beautiful wall stickers, available through their webshop Harmonie-Interieure

And here are some examples of his work for different clients. More examples of his incredible talents on his website


Rock chick jewelry

Found via Slumberdesigns.


Tinna Gunnarsdottir product designer

The often dramatic landscape of Iceland, unique nature, Icelandic folklore, memories from childhood and tales of elves and fairies are some of product designer Tinna Gunnarsdottir´s main source of inspiration. Here are few examples of her beautiful work. 

Starkadur, an aluminium wall hook, takes its form from a whale tooth. 

Fluga, a table/stool, made of plywood and mirror steel.

The Tuesday Project is the name for Tinna´s collaboration with two other Icelandic designers, Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir and Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdottir. Their aim is to make products that respect the Icelandic nature and our cultural heritage. The small, delicate silver/gold coated branch above and the small stool in Icelandic birch and cast metal below, are two examples of that collaboration. 

The Storage stool serie is inspired by visit´s to Tinna´s grandmother who lived in a small village on the south coast of Iceland. In her kitchen were two small stools, which, like these made by Tinna, had the secondary function of storage space. 
Samurai, is a serie of rubber table cloth in the form of various bugs, the forms chosen for their beautiful silhouettes. 

The Garden Gnome, made from Icelandic lava, can either be a mobile home for the fairies, a garden protector or a simple garden gnome. 

A flat in Copenhagen

Pia Möller is the lucky owner of this cool apartment, situated centrally in Copenhagen.  What I love about it is how open and spacious it looks and how the pristine white of the walls and floors and most of the furnitures contrasts with the black color dominating Pia´s wardrobe as well as many of the furnitures and items in the apartment. The mix of classic cornices and details typical for a house from that period, and the rock chick elements that Pia´s personal style brings to the apartment, is also a drool factor;)
 Pia´s enviable shoe collection. 
The painting is Pia´s work. I love the raw shelf unit unit where Pia keeps the stereo, books and the Kubus 4 candleholder, designed by Peter Karpf in 1956. 

The dining room is the heart of the apartment. The table is from Norman Foster and the chairs from Ray and Charles Eames. The painting on the wall was done by Pia herself. 

The bedroom is on the top floor with rooftop windows. Adjoining the bedroom is the bathroom with it´s raw brick wall, which gives a nice contrast to the bathroom units.  
A touch of the industrial style that Pia loves, is brought into the kitchen with the two small stools. The black bowl in the window is designed by John Pawson for When objects work. The lamp is from Artemide. 

Photos: Femina/Tina Stephansen Studio 55
Stylist: Mira Wöhlk