Warm drinks for cold nights

I very rarely put my own work on my blog but thought I might share these with you, they seem to fit so well with the mood of the season. I did these few years ago for Gestgjafinn, a magazine on food and wine here in Iceland. The photographer is Kristinn Magnusson and it was a very dear friend of mine, the domestic goddess Sirry, who did the tasty recipes for this feature. All the drinks were warm, exotic and oh so perfect for those dark autumn/winter nights when you want nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa and make yourself as comfortable as possible. 

 Mayan Chocolate

1 red chili
4 dl water
1 l milk
1 vanilla
1 cinnamon stick
200 grams dark chocolate, chopped
2 tablespoons sugar or honey
2 dl whipped cream

(1 dl equals 100 milliliters, approx. 7 tablespoons)

Cut the chili in two and remove the seeds. 
Put in a saucepan with the water and boil for approx. 5 min or until half of the water has evaporated. 
Sieve and put aside. 
Put the milk in the saucepan, remove the pods from the vanilla and add to the milk along with the vanilla and cinnamon stick and bring to boil. 
Add chocolate and sugar or honey and melt together. 
Take vanilla and cinnamon stick out of the saucepan. 
Add the chili water to the saucepan according to taste, you might not want to use it all. 
Pour into cups and add a dash of whipped cream on top. 


vanessa said...

Stunning! Thank you for sharing.

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

Thank you Vanessa. Have a great weekend:)