Tinna Gunnarsdottir product designer

The dramatic landscape of Iceland, itunique nature, Icelandic folklore, memories from childhood and tales of elves and fairies, these are some of product designer Tinna Gunnarsdottir´s main source of inspiration. Here are few examples of her beautiful work. 

Starkadur, an aluminium wall hook which takes its form from a whale tooth. 

The Tuesday Project is the name for Tinna´s collaboration with two other Icelandic designers, Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir and Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdottir. Their aim is to make products that respect the Icelandic nature and our cultural heritage. The small, delicate silver/gold coated branch above and the small stool in Icelandic birch and cast metal below, are two examples of that collaboration. 

The Storage stool serie is inspired by visits to Tinna´s grandmother who lived in a small village on the south coast of Iceland. In her kitchen were two small stools, which, like these made by Tinna, had the secondary function of storage space. 
Samurai, a serie of rubber table cloth in the form of various bugs, the forms chosen for their beautiful silhouettes. 

The Garden Gnome, made from Icelandic lava, can either be a mobile home for the fairies, a garden protector or a simple garden gnome. 


Lina said...

beautiful post! i just discovered your blog, and I absolutely love everything on it.

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

Thank you so much Lina for your nice comments:) Happy to have you aboard:)

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

Just had a quick look at yours Lina and LOVE it! Very inspirational, love the fashion:)