Fabien Barral graphic designer

Last month, a friend pointed out this website to me, saying this would definitely be something for me. I didn´t have time to look further into it but bookmarked it right away, so I could have a better look a bit later. When I did, I of course, absolutely loved it (my friend knows my tastes quite well). Apparently Fabien and I like each other, because when I was leisurely browsing through the Interior category, I came across a very nice entry about Koolandkreativ. Merci beaucoup, Fabien!
And yes, I absolutely ADORE (spoken with a French accent) everything I see coming from this very talented graphic designer, Fabien Barral. Here are some examples of his incredibly talents.

Fabien and his wife Frédérique, have made a collection of the most beautiful wall stickers, available through their webshop Harmonie-Interieure

And here are some examples of his work for different clients. More examples of his incredible talents on his website

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