Warehouse packed with cool product designs

One of the many opening parties I attended on Thursday, was the opening of Warehouse, an exhibition of works by more than 20 designers, all members of The Association of Product Designers. Product design is a relatively young industry over here. Up until recently, not much was happening in product design in Iceland but today Icelandic product design is certainly booming. High production costs, lack of funds and difficulty in finding the right production company is often a hindrance though, and I happen to know of quite a few first class-products which are not being produced due to those reasons. 

Some of the things that I found most interesting at Warehouse were: 
This product by Sverrir Ásgeirsson, a box/shelve for hiding away the cords on gadgets that need re-charging.
Svarti saudurinn (Black Sheep) coat hanger by Ragnheidur Tryggvadottir.
The design company Faerid received their latest product, the Angelica table, just minutes before the exhibition opened. The inspiration for the pattern and the name comes from the Angelica archangelica plant which grows in areas throughout Iceland and is thought to have various healing properties. The drawer opens in both directions and the white aluminum top is loose and reversible and can be used as a tray. I´ve written about Faerid before, here
Vakna Design, a design studio run by Kristrun Hjartar, had several products I found interesting, the Sawhorse Bench being one of them. More or Vakna website, here
CUT_FISH is a line of cutting-boards made from plastic, perfect for preparing and serving food. CUT_FISH comes in several variations, shaped like some of the most common North Atlantic fish species found around Iceland. CUT_FISH is designed by Fanney Long and Hrafnkell Birgisson
Image by Elín Bríta. 
Ásdís Jörundsdóttir whose coat hanger Birdy, I´ve blogged about earlier, see here, exhibited her eco- friendly small chair, Dvalin at the Warehouse. Dvalin combines two useful objects, as a small stool and a paper rack and is entirely made from excess cardboard from a local cardboard factory. 


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