Lessons in Origami with Megan Herbert

Another fun and creative thing I´ve been doing this DesignMarch is learning the origami technique with illustrator/writer Megan Herbert at the The Armoury, a concept store/studio she runs with partner Sruli Recht in the Reykjavík harbour area. God, there are so many things I could write about Sruli and Megan´s work, but for now I´ll concentrate on Megan, the origami lessons and her fantastic gift wrapping paper. Megan certainly is a long way from home, in fact, this native Australian has literally moved across the world to live and work here in Iceland. She told me that´s she has always had a fascination with gift wrapping and that from an early age she used to be very creative when it came to wrapping gifts for friends and family, sometimes customizing and making her own wrapping paper out of materials like Chinese newspapers which she painted in different colors. It´s no wonder then that few years ago Megan released her own collection of wrapping paper and gift tags to go with them. Each of Megan´s designs is imprinted on reclaimed deadstock and represent the elements we all share as human beings, ie. the blood that runs through our veins (Circulation), the bones in the body (Skeletal), the food that we digest (Digestion) and the oxygen that our lungs breath (Respiration). Megan uses the origami for decoration on the packages she wraps but they could equally be used as decorative elements at dinner parties for example. I have to admit that although I´ve always loved origami, I´ve lacked patience to give it a go and although I was quite clumsy during the lesson with Megan, I found it incredibly relaxing almost meditative. There was nice French music playing in the background and just a general feelgood vibe to the place. The origami lesson was definitely one of the best things I´ve been doing this DesignMarch, incredibly inspirational. I so much enjoyed my visit at The Armoury. Thank you Megan!

All images of wrapping paper by Marino Thorlacius


Design Elements said...

wonderful post! I bought a book about the origami. love to leanr the technique too :-) Happy Sunday

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

Thank you:) I so agree, have always found origami incredibly beautiful and interesting.