A house in Puglia

A lot of us living in the North of Europe dream of owning a house in the sun, somewhere more warm and exotic where life is less hectic and where you can lounge outside in the warm sun, eat good food, chill or entertain friends. One Danish couple turned just such a dream into a reality when they bought this fantastic house in Puglia, in the south of Italy. The Puglia region in the southeast of Italy (the heel), is well known for it´s Trulli houses, a Trullo being a house with a conical roof. These kind of houses are believed to have been traditionally constructed without any cement or mortar (to avoid taxation) and their walls are thick and solid, which provides a cool environment in the summer and insulation against the cold in winter. The traditonal trulli houses are protected by the UNESCO world heritage law and anyone wanting to buy one and restore has to conform to the heritage law of UNESCO.
The large dining room table is an old work table which the couple brought with them from Denmark. The chairs are the Eiffel chair, designed by Ray and Charles Eames in the 1950´s. Three lamps designed by Robert Dudley and manufactured by Bestlite hang above the table. 
One of the bedrooms, the bed snuggly placed in a "cove".
The sofa table is from the Green Square shop in Copenhagen.
The Hardoy Chair, otherwise known as the Butterfly chair or the BKR chair, was designed in 1939 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Juan Kurchan and Antonio Bonet and was first introduced in Buenos Aires in 1940 at a large interior design exhibition. 
Only two of the conical rooftops of the house are original, the rest of the house is newly built. 

Found via Skona hem
Photographer: Pernille Kaalund


Kenneth Rimm said...

Absolutely amazing house. Think it's sold now but used to belong to a former client of mine.
The mix of the rough stones, wood & art work on the walls are just perfect.

Nicoletta said...

Fantastic house in my Italy!