A home in Leirsund Norway

Ellen Thorarensen, who blogs on Hello House, lives with her husband Lasse and their two children, Oliver (8) and Hannah Wilhelmine (5), in the town of Leirsund in Norway. What I love most about their home is the perfect mix of industrial look, vintage pieces and nature elements, such as tree branches leaning up against the wall in various rooms. 

 Things don´t have to be "perfect" to look good. A paint peeling off can give an object even more character and life.

Kitchen, dining room and the living room are to be found in one open space. This is the kitchen seen from the dining room corner. The kitchen island is from Ikea.

The light above the dining table is from Kvist in Oslo. 
The "headboard" is actually curtains that Ellen cut to fit the bed.
Love the weathered plank of wood across the bathtub which gives a nice contrast to the otherwise minimalistic and spartan looking bathroom. 
Hannah Wilhemina´s room. Not a girly pink color in sight;)


Zyprezz said...

It is a lovely home, great post!

Have a nice day..

Ingrid :)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh what a gorgeous place!
Soft, white and cool;)