Chuck Mack

The American/Icelandic designer Chuck Mack has designed these pretty stackable table legs (trestle) which he calls Fákar, an Icelandic word for horses, a name he chose since in US these kind of table legs are often referred to as "horses".  Fákar are available in oak or birch. A line of tables and desks based on the trestle design is to follow. Among Mr. Mack´s other works is the eco design "Table 29" for which he won the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in 2008. 


Zyprezz said...

Great table! There are so many talented designers coming from Iceland. Have a nice weekend,

Hugs, Ingrid :)

Sanctuary Home said...

I like those...a lot! Thanks for sharing!
Susan : )

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

I so agree!
Much more talented Icelandic designers coming up very soon.
Have a great weekend as well:)