Factory 20

The vintage industrial look has been hugely popular for quite a few years now, for instance in Europe, where it´s often mixed with more modern and minimalistic and even ethnic objects and furnitures. This trend hasn´t really reached us here in Iceland, probably because you will very rarely find these sort of objects and furnitures over here. 
For all the lovers of the vintage industrial look and those curious to know more, the website Factory 20 is an absolute goldmine. 

The Bambi Chair

The Bambi chair is the work of designers Timo Wong and Pricilla Lui who run Studio Juju in Singapore. 

2011 Calendar

Just found the perfect 2011 calendar. More here.

Lovenordic Design Blog

One of my favorite blog is Lovenordic Design Blog, written by Samantha, who is half-Icelandic, but living in UK.  I´m beginning to think she´s my ex-siamese twin, I kid you not. There are so many similarities to me and her, more than she knows already;) but basically, every single entry on her blog is something I could have seen myself blog about and some of them I actually have. From her blog it´s for instance apparent that like me, she loves ceramics, especially ceramics of the white and paper-thin variety, one of her favorite photographs is also one of my all-time favorite photograph and many, many more things that we share taste-wise. I was especially chuffed yesterday when I found on her blog a picture I styled for Hus og Hibýli, an Icelandic magazine before Christmas 2009. The picture appeared in one of my first entries on Kool and Kreativ, the day I actually started the blog, December 31st, 2009, precisely one year ago. Do have a look at Samantha´s gorgeous blog, Lovenordic Design Blog. 
The cute reindeers are carved in wood by Pall Gardarson.

Set your goals high and think big

As mentioned in this previous entry, the year 2010 hasn´t exactly been much fun due to personal circumstances so plans are already being set in motion to make 2011 an EXTREMELY positive, happy and fantastic new year! But 2010 is the year when I saw two huge personal long-term goals become a reality. One of the goals was to see my name on the pages of a magazine, published abroad, portraying my work as a stylist/writer (part-time). That happened for the first time, just before Christmas when I got my hands on the 2011 issue no. 1 of Bo Bedre, the Norwegian version. I had the absolute pleasure of having one of Scandinavia´s top interior photographer Trine Thorsen visit me for a week here in Iceland last summer where we shot and styled some gorgeous homes. I´ve admired Trine´s work for a LONG time before actually meeting and becoming friends with her. The first feature to be published, the one in Bo Bedre, is the home of Finnish stylist Katri Tauriainen who has lived and worked here in Iceland for almost 30 years. Large, white rooms with big windows and lots of light are furnished with dark and exotic furnitures. Katri has a fantastic talent as a stylist and all through her home you´ll find lovely arrangement of furnitures and objects. 
A cozy corner in the living room. The large oriental cupboard is by Nordal. The moss decorations are a current favorite of Katri´s. The large clock on the wall is from a company called Kare. 
In the hallway leading to the main bedroom, Katri keeps a lovely bamboo bench which she found at a bargain price, a small table from Nordal and a large mirror from Asiades. 
Beautiful, vintage maps of Iceland have been framed and hanged up on the wall, above an iron console table in the foyer. The base of the table is from Asiades but the table top is from Nordal. The large wooden bowl was bought in Tekk-Company, where Katri works. The art work on the table is from Hemelair.

In the home office, which is located at the end of a hallway, leading from the main bedroom, Katri keeps a beautiful antique cupboard, bought at an auction in Sweden, when she was 17. It´s one of the first items of furnitures she ever bought. Her dad helped her strip the cupboard of layers of paints, reveiling this gorgeous cupboard made from pearwood. 

All images by Trine Thorsen.


Dietlind Wolf

The German stylist Dietlind Wolf has been one of my favorite ones for quite some time. This serie, which appeared in Donna Hay magazine (issue 42 in 2008) is one I´ve been admiring ever since. 
Concept and styling: Dietlind Wolf
Photography: Julia Hoersch
Food styling: Anne-Katrin Weber

A converted church in Cape Town

Every year, Italian couple Samuela and Danilo Benevelli, spend part of the year at their second home in Cape Town in South Africa. The couple have converted an old church, built in 1904, in the heart of Cape Town, into this beautiful home. 

Images found via Marie Claire Maison

New Year´s napkins by Reykjavik Letterpress

I´ve always had a huge weakness for the letterpress printing technique. Probably because I have some very fond childhood memories of watching my father at work. All his life he worked as a printer and managed a busy printing house, where he worked with old and traditional techniques of the trade such as letterpress. Hildur and Olof are two young graphic designers who are bringing letterpress back in fashion here in Iceland, through some beautiful and fun designs such as these New Year´s napkins, perfect for the New Year´s party. The New Year´s napkins come in 20 different versions and make for a fun party game where guests are encouraged to write on the napkins their idea of the biggest cock-up this year, the cutest thing this year, the time they laught the most this year, the goals for next year, what you are looking forward to next year etc.  Reykjavik Letterpress website is currently under construction but you´ll also find them on Facebook


New Year´s Resolutions

This time of year, I usually spend hours organizing different aspects of my life, filing things away, de-cluttering, de-toxing, deleting and making, and most importantly, WRITING DOWN, my New Year´s resolutions. The 2011 list of New Year´s resolutions is not too long but one thing is certain. I´m going to follow this advice firmly. 
(Can´t for the life of me remember where I found this, but I think it´s beautiful). 


I know it´s Christmas and all, but to be honest, after a year, which has on the whole been a complete Annus Horribilis (apart from couple of VERY enjoyable facts, more of that later) I´m feeling a bit like this....

Apart from that, I´ve always loved this picture.

Actress Diane Kruger, shot (not literally) by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Paris. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. 


Christmas at Rosmosegaard

Understated and elegant Christmas decorations at Rosmosegaard on the Danish island of Sjaelland.  
This beautiful home owned by antique dealer Ida Rosenvinge Thürmer is decorated in a rather spartan style where modern design mixes with old wood furnitures and antiques from China, French Jielde lamps from the Fifties, sofas from Meridiani in Italy and a massive dining room table which Ida herself has made from 250 year old wood from China.  
The main building is from around the 1850 but parts of the property are from the 1600´s.

 Chinese and Danish country style is a match in the kitchen.  
The antique candle holders are from France.
The table is a Chinese calligraphy-table from around 1750.
 The stone tiles on the floor are from South Africa.
 The two Chinese statues are covered with acupuncture marks.
I´m guessing my whole apartment fits into the bathroom on the top floor.
Love the spartan simplicity of the bedroom and the mix of old and new. 
Would love to find a massive block of wood like this one. Simple but so beautiful.

Photography by Lise and Kristian Septimus Krogh/House of Pictures.