Pia Ulin

Beautiful apartment, shot by photographer Pia Ulin.


Christmas at Cox & Cox

Even though it´s still "only" October, I know quite a few people who are already decorating and baking for Christmas. These images from Cox & Cox, are dedicated to those friends of mine who absolutely LOVE Christmas. More beautiful things and inspirations for all ages are to be found on Cox & Cox

Jonas Ingerstedt

Beautiful interiors, photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt.


Christmas decorations part II

Practically every single time I post an entry to my blog, I promise myself to pick out pictures that have lots of colors and patterns. I do like colors, don´t get me wrong, especially the colors which remind me of my trip to Marrakech where there where beautiful dark and exotic colors everywhere you looked, colors which I absolutely fell in love with. But since my favorite colors tend to be white and gray I end up posting images which aren´t exactly colorful. I PROMISE to add more colorful Christmas images to Koolandkreativ in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2010 but for now, here´s a set of images, celebrating White Christmas. Once again, I give you the very talented Sweet Paul


For those of you, celebrating Halloween, Sweet Paul has some brill ideas for a very stylish and unusual Halloween party, all done in my favorite color, white. 

Paula Leen part II

I´ve posted images from Paula Leen´s house before, see here. Apparently, I´m not the only one in love with this house because one of my favorite bloggers, Emma, is as well. Images found via Emma´s fantastic blog.

Photographer Hotze Eisma


Christmas decorations part I

It´s likely that you have seen these images before but they first appeared in Bo Bedre magazine, before Christmas 2008. I´m slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit and found these when I was surfing for something Christmas-y. This is the home of Hanne Berzant, who´s one part of the duo behind By Nord. I love how she decorates in a subtle way with things from nature and with natural fabrics like linen and skin. Simple, beautiful and not screaming Christmas but something very appropriate for the season. 
I love when nature is incorporated in to the home like you see in this table decoration. The mix of solid wood and the softness of the fabrics on the sofa and the pillows and not least in the skin throw I find very warm and inviting and just perfect for this season. 
The Arco chairs are from 1000 Chairs. The rug is Pinocchio from Hay and on the wall are the classic Bestlite lamps. 
Neat idea for storing things related to Christmas, like the gifts from Santa Claus!
Using leaves, cones and other things picked up in nature to decorate the table is something I like very much. 
Using tree trunks as decoration works for me anytime.
The duvet is by By Nord, available here
Simple, yet beautiful Christmas wrappings with a personal touch. 

Photographers: Martin Sölyst and Erik Björn.


Colorful children´s rooms

I love the colors in these children´s rooms, found on Shine dot design.

Oh, so true....

Wow! Wauw

I have a weakness for ceramics, especially white ceramics. Just discovered the Danish/Dutch design duo Wauw and love their work. More here.

Menu by Norm

The new Menu collection, designed by Norm.

Photographer Line Klein

Madam Stoltz

On the Danish island of Bornholm, you´ll find Madame Stoltz, a home design shop and business, run by husband and wife Pernille and Peter Stoltz. Have a look through their online autumn/winter 2010 catalogue here.


Picture this

One of the best ways to bring a personal, 'feel-good' touch to a home, is to line the walls with photographs of friends and family, favorite paintings or drawings, postcards or other things that remind us of times, people or places that are dear to us.   

Images found via Nordicdesign.