New Year´s napkins by Reykjavik Letterpress

I´ve always had a huge weakness for the letterpress printing technique. Probably because I have some very fond childhood memories of watching my father at work. All his life he worked as a printer and manager of a busy printing house, where he worked with old and traditional techniques of the trade, such as letterpress. Hildur and Olof are two young graphic designers who are bringing letterpress back in fashion here in Iceland, through some beautiful and fun designs such as these New Year´s napkins, perfect for the New Year´s party. The New Year´s napkins come in 20 different versions and make for a fun party game where guests are encouraged to write on the napkins their idea of the biggest cock-up this year, the cutest thing this year, the time they laught the most this year, the goals for next year, what you are looking forward to next year etc.  Reykjavik Letterpress website is currently under construction but you´ll also find them on Facebook

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