Lovenordic Design Blog

One of my favorite blog is Lovenordic Design Blog, written by Samantha, who is half-Icelandic, but living in UK.  I´m beginning to think she´s my ex-siamese twin, I kid you not. There are so many similarities to me and her, more than she knows already;) but basically, every single entry on her blog is something I could have seen myself blog about and some of them I actually have. From her blog it´s for instance apparent that like me, she loves ceramics, especially ceramics of the white and paper-thin variety, one of her favorite photographs is also one of my all-time favorite photograph and many, many more things that we share taste-wise. I was especially chuffed yesterday when I found on her blog a picture I styled for Hus og Hibýli, an Icelandic magazine. The picture appeared in one of my first entries on Koolandkreativ, the day I actually started the blog, December 31st, 2009, precisely one year ago. Do have a look at Samantha´s gorgeous blog, Lovenordic Design Blog. 
The cute reindeers are carved in wood by Pall Gardarson.
Photographer Bragi Þór Jósefsson.

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