Christmas at Rosmosegaard

Understated and elegant Christmas decorations at Rosmosegaard on the Danish island of Sjaelland.  
This beautiful home owned by antique dealer Ida Rosenvinge Thürmer, is decorated in a rather spartan style where modern design mixes with old wood furniture and antiques from China, French Jielde lamps from the Fifties, sofas from Meridiani in Italy and a massive dining room table which Ida herself has made from 250 year old wood from China.  
The main building is from around the 1850, but parts of the property are from the 1600´s.

 Chinese and Danish country style is a match in the kitchen.  
The antique candle holders are from France.
The table is a Chinese calligraphy-table from around 1750.
 The stone tiles on the floor are from South Africa.
 The two Chinese statues are covered with acupuncture marks.
I´m guessing my whole apartment fits into the bathroom on the top floor.
Love the spartan simplicity of the bedroom and the mix of old and new. 
Would love to find a massive block of wood like this one. Simple but so beautiful.

Photography by Lise and Kristian Septimus Krogh/House of Pictures.

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R. Schwendeman said...

I like the Chinese calligraphy table. Very provincial but a classic look. I just refinished an almost identical one for a design customer in a very similar finish. It seems like the black distressed look is the right way to go. Classic.