Be still my beating heart

It occasionally happens when I´m browsing the wonderful world of the world wide web, that my heart skips a beat and my jaw hits the floor. Just such a thing happened when I came across these images from the home of Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, her husband Bill and their 3 children, Vidar, Otto and Ingrid. The family lives in the town of Arild, in Skåne, (the southernmost county of Sweden), in a house from the 1970´s which they have renovated and decorated with a pretty impressive mix of Ikea, antiques and items from India, Egypt, Prag and France, among others. I don´t know about you, but I´m loving this eclectic and colorful mix of antiques, industrial and modern design. 
The huge lamp in the corner is called Anglepoise Giant1227 and was originally commissioned for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, to be a part of an oversized set of his writing den. Dahl wrote all of his stories under a light from the original Anglepoise 1227, which is 3 times smaller and originally designed in 1934. 
The Zettel´s 5 lamp above the table is by Ingo Maurer and designed in 1997. The cupboards behind the sofa where Marie and Bill now keep their porcelain, are originally from a beach in France. The sofa is from the 1960´s and designed by Cino Boeri.

The desk was found at an auction. The lamp is Marie´s own design. The chair is an original Bertoia Wire Chair from the Fifties.
The plexiglas chairs in the home office are designed in the 1960´s by Poul Nörreklit.
The mask on the wall is originally from Mali, but bought in Paris.
The lamp is solid wood and designed by Marie. The mirror is from France.
The house is just 200 meters from the sea and the view from the attic is fantastic.

Photographer: Sara Svenninngrud.

Found via Style Files.

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