Paloma´s Nest christmas decorations

I came across Paloma´s Nest on Etsy quite some time ago and immediately fell in love with the delicate ceramics products, handcrafted by the woman behind Paloma´s Nest, Texan Caroline Colom Vasquez. For Christmas 2010, Caroline has made a line of really beautiful ceramic ornaments for the home.  
The dove has become one of Caroline´s most popular motives and each year a new version of the dove becomes available to the delight of collectors.

Christmas tree ornament, perfect for the christmas tree or to tie on a Christmas gift or a bottle.
Letter ceramic garland.
This year´s ceramic dove features a tiny hole at the beak where a "twig" of decorative baubles have been inserted.
Tile ornaments, perfect for either hanging on the tree, on the Christmas present or to decorate the house with.
Paloma´s Nest ceramics arrives beautifully packaged. 

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