Christmas decorations part I

It´s likely that you have seen these images before but they first appeared in Bo Bedre magazine, before Christmas 2008. I´m slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit and found these when I was surfing for something Christmas-y. This is the home of Hanne Berzant, who´s one part of the duo behind By Nord. I love how she decorates with things from nature and with natural fabrics like linen and skin. Simple, beautiful and not screaming Christmas. 
I love when nature is incorporated in to the home like you see in this table decoration. The mix of solid wood and the softness of the fabrics on the sofa and the pillows and not least in the skin throw, I find very warm and inviting and just perfect for this season. 
The Arco chairs are from 1000 Chairs. The rug is Pinocchio from Hay and on the wall are the classic Bestlite lamps. 
Neat idea for storing things related to Christmas, like the gifts from Santa Claus!
Using leaves, cones and other things picked up in nature to decorate the table, this is something I like very much. 
Using tree trunks as decoration works for me anytime.
The duvet is by By Nord, available here
Simple, yet beautiful Christmas wrappings with a personal touch. 

Photographers: Martin Sölyst and Erik Björn.

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