I love autumn

Every season has it´s own charm and there are many reasons why I love autumn. During this time of year, nature is often at it´s most beautiful as leaves turn red, orange and yellow. It´s one of my favorite time of year to be out and about with my camera. I love when the days get shorter and I can snuggle up inside, under my duvet, reading, eating comfort food or watching TV. It´s the season for delicious, warm soups and cozy times with friends. And, to me, it´s one of the most romantic time of the year. Happy times:)
Images found via Fräulein Klein


Fräulein Klein said...

Hi, I´m so happy that you like my collage!!!!
Your blog is so beautiful too, so many inspirations!
Have a great weekend,

Gerdur Hardardottir said...

Thank you Yvonne:) Great weekend to you as well!