The Selby

There are probably millions of websites and blogs on design+lifestyle floating about in cyperspace these days and each and everyday, someone, somewhere around the world will start a new one. Most of them are similar in style, but for me, one in particular, stands out for its originality in layout and presentation, photography and the kind of people and places it portraits.
Todd Selby is a self-taught portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator, and the person behind The Selby, a website, visited by thousands of people everyday.
Todd, who lives in New York, travels all over the world to photograph people and their homes and sometimes workspace. The subjects are often creative types, their homes colorful, eclectic, chaotic and messy in the most positive way, photographed before the housekeeper has had a change to tidy the place up! 
Todd also manages to photograph the owners in a very unique, humorous and personal way. A visit to The Selby is a must.

Nicky Bidder and Anton Aunders playing with their cats in their London home.

French designer Philippe Starck and his wife, Yesmine at home.

Detail shot from Philippe´s and Yesmine´s home.

Sean Macpherson, hotelier, photographed at his home in New York.

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