Perfect for the picnic!

Nordic heritage, Midsummer festivals + love of family are the inspirations behind Askur, a handcrafted picnic basket, made in Iceland.
Askur is the modern version of askur, the traditional container of food, used by Icelanders through the centuries instead of your typical plates. Askur is made out of Icelandic birch, which is spray-coated in white for the protection of the wood. It was show-pieced for the first time during the Design March in Iceland 2010.
The pieces in the picnic set are designed to serve mainly for traditional Nordic food such as herring, rye bread, potatoes and eggs.
Askur is designed by two product designers, Thorunn Hannesdottir from Iceland and Karin Eriksson from Sweden, who met up and became friends and later business partners while studying Product design at Central Saint Martins College in London. Thorunn and Karin are, along with architect Herborg Ingvarsdottir, behind Faerid, a new product design company, which I, for one, am definitely keeping an eye on in the future.

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