One of the most stunning family homes I have ever had the pleasure of visiting is the home of Audur Skuladottir, the creative force and co-owner (with her husband Hjortur) of Kalklitir.com. Situated in Akureyri, a town in the northern part of Iceland, their two-storey apartment, situated in a industrial building, is filled with antique furniture in the Rococo/Baroque style, mixed elegantly with modern furniture.

Audur studied decorative painting in Denmark few years ago where she mastered different methods of painting such as lime painting, marble painting and trompe l´oeil and how to produce various methods of paints, such as lime paint and egg tempera. Audur now runs, from her workshop on the ground floor of her home, the family business Kalklitir.com, producing her own line of lime paint in beautiful shades of gray, brown and neutral.
Lime paint is a mineral based environmental-friendly paint, free of artificial resins, solvents and biocides. Houses in Southern Europe have for centuries been painted with lime paint, both the exterior and indoors. Renaissance painters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael used lime paint in some of their works.
Audur has collaborated with different architects and decorators on various projects through the years and her home and work has been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire Italia, Maison and the Australian magazine Country Style.

Photographer: Heiða Helgadóttir

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